February 4, 2013


Last week my favourite professor asked the class to find a partner. (I panicked)
She then told us that the partner must be someone we have never met before. (AHHHH)
It was okay, I breathed, remembered I was wearing my favourite sweater, and tried to ignore the pestering thought of "the one day I don't shower."

Thankfully there was a girl sitting beside me who initiated a conversation and we became partners. The task was simple, we were to make assumptions about our partner based on 8 questions. I've placed her assumptions in parentheses. 

1. Is your partner from Fredericton or from away?                 (Away)
2. What is your partner majoring in?                                     (English, or Journalism)
3. Is your partner single or in a relationship?                         (Single)
4. Does your partner have any children?                               (No)
5. Does your partner have a pet?                                         (yes, maybe a cat?)
6. What does your partner drive?                                         (Small car)
7. What kind of living situation does your partner have?         (Apartment, roommates)
8. What else can you assume?                                            (Favourite color is purple)

Strangely enough, my partner and I made assumptions that were very close to actual fact. 
Aside from the fact that cat is listed instead of 2 precious piggies, my partner was able to guess everything correctly. I think it is incredibly cool that how I present myself in a classroom setting isn't any different from the way I look, speak, and act in every other situation in my life. It could be that my partner was just an excellent guesser, but I think it might demonstrate, if even a tiny bit, that my life is in tune. I think that's pretty cool. 


  1. A) there are so many days when you don't shower :P b) you kinda own a cat :P and c) i can also assume this blog is AWESOME