January 16, 2013

Know Beans About It

Last weekend I made a large batch of chili. It was wonderful, it tasted just like my mom's chili. In fact I think it's the first dish that I've made since being out on my own that actually compares to home. My chili consisted of herb tomato sauce, prego tomato sauce, extra lean ground beef, chopped celery, grated carrot, corn, a few kidney beans, and clubhouse chili mix. I'm so happy that I froze a few portions for later. Anyway, what I really want to share with you is what happened with my chili today. I heated some up in my new tupperware container, devoured the entire amount, and then went to wash my dish. I rised it out, and then spent a solid five minutes scrubbing at a stain on the dish. I tried dish soap and a cloth, I tried a sponge, I tried the rough side of the sponge, but nothing was working. Now you should also know that my container has a clear bottom, so that makes it especially difficult to tell where the stain really is. While I was scrubbing one side, the stain was just sitting pretty on the other. 

I'm not trying to over think things, but this situation did remind me of life. It doesn't matter how much we try to clean up the outside, change the way we act and change what we say, we really aren't cleaned up until we deal with the other side, the most important side, the inside. When our heart is in our actions, thoughts, and words, we have the potential to live life to the full. So instead of keeping a mental checklist of actions I do or do not do this week, I think I'll spend a little more time praying, and making sure my heart is in the right place, after all, everything I do flows from it (Pro. 4:23).

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