January 11, 2013


While in Germany I went to some magical places, and high on the list were the not one, but TWO IKEAs that I perused. Let me tell you, IKEA is so much more than what is presented in 500 Days of Summer. Kaly and I spent hours in the store. We pretended to wash dishes, we sat on couches, and we roamed. IKEA is filled with a kitchen for every mood you could possibly be in. There are enough living rooms to keep you inspired for at least six months. There are so many fun lamps that I'm sure you'd want them all, and that you would want to leave them on all day and night. There are incredibly innovative storage items, and organizing tools; such as bookshelves built into the side of the headboards, and rods with hanging buckets. IKEA sells pasta shaped like moose, boxes of alphabet crackers with only the letters "I," "K," "E," and "A," and they even sell packaged meatballs. The cafeteria (yes there is a cafeteria, you'd have to have a food source after spending hours upon hours in one place) is ginormous with delicious food (and that means a lot coming from someone who is deemed by others as a "picky eater"). Both times in IKEA I ordered the swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, the mashed potatoes, my favourite food; they were even done right. No garlic! And the portion size! My land, the small size was enough to stuff me to the brim, but I made sure to make the most out of the, wait for it, free refills on drinks! That's right! Coffee, tea, cappuccino, pop, juice, water!
My purchases included:

-A Duvet Cover and matching pillowcase (featured to the right)
-A Pluggis (three wall mounted organizing bins)
-A fancy metal rod for the...
 Plastic hanging organizing bins, and hooks.
-A lantern for my mom
-A fancy bowl for the grandparents
-A set of "IKEA Family" pencils and pencil sharpener

I should also mention that it wasn't an incredibly easy journey to and from IKEA, but it was most certainly worth it. Kaly and I took both a tram and a bus to get to the one in Freiburg, and then we stood in the rain and waited for the bus back. After 45 minutes a bus picked us up and we were headed back to the apartment to play with our new IKEA purchases. I was so amazed with how reasonably priced the items were, how Annie-esque they seemed, and how much potential there is for the maritimes. 


  1. Yes, people in Ontario can't believe we no longer have IKEA here. Our nearest one is Montreal. We go whenever we're there. If we put enough pressure on them, perhaps they'll open one in Halifax again.

  2. I love IKEA! My first time going was when I moved here to Beijing! I almost bought that same duvet because I loved it, but ended up going with something different. Who knew we had such similar taste? :)

  3. I love the lantern, I would try the meatballs if they where closer ... great blog Annie as always!