September 14, 2012

One Person's Trash is....another CELEBRATION!

Last Tuesday was the first day that the garbage truck came to our house since we moved in. Now you might think that I was excited because we were finally able to dispose of all of the trash that comes with moving...but no, it was much more than that. Of course I yelled at my roommate to take a picture! This Tuesday was even more special! My roommate was quite confused, because roomie had already taken a picture last week, but I needed a picture this week too, because it was our first time using a Trius Dolly and it was the first time it was picked up! Now for all of you that are just as confused as I was about a Trius Dolly, it is essentially what Nova Scotians call a Green Bin, but instead of using it for compost, it holds garbage. I realize that the novelty of a garbage truck will wear off, and perhaps it already has, but life can be so exciting if we embrace beginnings. Sure first kisses and first days of school are important, but so are first garbage days, and first last days of school. If we experience something new everyday, learn something new every day, and celebrate life everyday, then I think we will live much happier lives. Here's to running to the living room window, and yelling "It's here!!! The Garbage truck it finally here!!!"

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