September 15, 2012

Do You Relish Relish?

Thursday night I tried not only a burger from the famous Relish for the first time, but I also tried mayonaise for the first time in my life, (even though it was by accident). I am a burger person, so let me tell you I had Hiiiigh hopes for Relish. People have been raving about since it opened. A friend of mine was in the city for work, so after deciding to grab a bite, we decided on Relish. This may disappoint many of you, but there were very few things that I actually liked about the establishment. It is too noisy, it is not in a good location, the counters are way too high, the cook repeats everything the cashier says, the menu is not displayed clearly, and when your order is ready they yell your name...twice. I should also tell you that mayo was not listed on the burger that I ordered, but I ended up taking a huge bite of a mayo soaked bun. I wiped it off with my napkin, but I was still frustrated. When I walked in, I was unsure how to roder. Is it a Harvey's style burger place, where you decide what you want on the burger as they make it in front of you? Or is it more of a Mc Donalds deal where you say what you do or do not want on the burger? Oh, and did I mention the ketchup situation, well lack thereof? Yes, what burger doesn't come standard with ketchup?!? Clearly the burgers at Relish. And the Brad Burger.... why is there a burger named after the mayor? And the parking lot, it seems as though every space is reserved! oh, let's not forget about the relish... the pink relish. Why? Why pink? Is it supporting a cure for breast cancer? Is it demonstrating its fondness for anti-bullying? And what is in it? Why was my pickle put on top of my burger making the bun soggy? Why was the texture of the meat so mushy? Why was I able to find half a tooth pick between my burger and the bun? And why are fries and a drink not included in the thirteen dollar cost????? I'm sorry Relish, I just don't relish you, you're just not my scene. Aside from the clever word play, with "What do you relish?" and the burger staple "relish", there was nothing I liked about the restaurant. Needless to say, I still had a fabulous time catching up with a friend, and trying something new. I was reminded of the importance of trying new things, you never know, you just might relish something new!


  1. good grief... :) luv the lack thereof! I relish the thought ! bahhhhh

  2. Wow, I'm surprised you didn't like it! And not just didn't like it, it seems like you hated it! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I think it says somewhere on their menu that every burger starts as a simpleton, as well as the special ingredients for each burger.