May 19, 2012

Random Play

The past two weeks I've spent on a mini vacation, and it was exactly what I needed. 

There have been graduations, a wedding, and MANY random blessings/adventures; more random than the hair clips in my fellow bus passengers's hair. 

Here are just a few!

~The traffic lights of a very popular intersection were frozen. 
That made for a scary adventure across the street. 

~There was a pro life protest, which to me seemed a bit random, 
because I think there are many more receptive ways
to express your feelings about abortion.

~I went on a random adventure to a tattoo shop,
and even got a little something done! (Blog-to-come)

~I attended a fundraiser for Camp Rotary by myself
and witnessed the musical talents of a few friends! 

~I randomly walked to the mall, 
went into Starbucks and ordered a drink NOT on the menu!
Hello Chai Cream Frappuccino.

~Today I spent over two hours at the gym, 
and just because it was Friday I set the machines to
 "Random Play". 

I should also note that I didn't plan on staying that long at the gym, 
but my favourite show came on the tv, 
so I plunked down on a bike and watched Gilmore Girls for 12 kilometers. 

~A random walk through campus greeted me
 with a short conversation with a kind professor. 

I hope you make time for some Random Play! 

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