May 17, 2012

Going Good Blues

This has been the first year that I did not apply to another school.
This has been the first year that I've conquered the "Going Good Blues". 

The "Going Good Blues" is a term used by Reba on her show. Her daughter Cheyenne is concerned, because her pregnancy is going extremely well and she feels that something bad is going to happen. She asks her mother if she has ever had that feeling, to which Reba replies, "Honey, I think the feeling that you're talking about 'going good blues?'" 

The truth is I am very content with my life. 
I have been blessed beyond belief, but the more blessings I realize I have, 
the more I see potential for things to go wrong. 

Reba reminds us, "The key is not to worry about what could go wrong, 
                             but just enjoy all the things that are going right."

As a student I find it difficult not to worry about finances, 
getting into my next degree program, 
if I am on the right career path,
and if there will be a job opening once I am done school.

What I have learned, however, 
is that somedays you just have to 
play with Lego in Subway.... 
go to Toys R Us, 
Roommate snapped this pic :)
and play-doh in the mall.
Remember to breathe,
because it's okay when things are going right. 

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