April 26, 2012

Pass It On

This week I learned the importance of "Passing". 

1. The Children's Story in church was on the importance of passing on God's love. Pastor Marc set up a box of dominios and showed the congregation just how easy it can be to show love to a lot of people. You just have to start with one! Wow! The dominio effect is so great that way! Passing is important. 

2. Upon returning to my hometown and my home church this week, I was asked to do many things already, and I said "heck yes!" to most of them, but it was important that I passed on a few. I passed on helping out with the quilt show, because it is really important to me to go see the graduations of two university where I have many friends. Passing is important. 

3. Recently I bought a beautiful mug that read "Keep Calm and Drink Tea". It was a beautiful light blue mug that was big enough to hold the necessary amount of tea, but dainty enough to fit in my hand. I was a bit reluctant, but I convinced myself that a friend of mine deserved it much more than I, so I passed it on. One of my friends likes tea (maybe more than I do), and was having a rough week, so I passed on my purchase and she was ecstatic! It was a step forward in our friendship. (I LOVE steps forward!) 

Tuesday while having tea with a "mentor" of mine, she brought out a gift wrapped in brown paper, and as I opened it I'm pretty sure I had a HUGE smile on my face. It was a tea pot that read "Keep Calm and Drink Tea". I don't believe in karma, but I believe in passing love. I would not have appreciated this tea pot as much as I did, if I had not passed on the cup I bought. I gave away a tiny mug that meant a lot to me, and two weeks later I was given a TEA POT that means EVEN MORE to me! 

Well to quote the famous hymn, 
"That's how it is with God's love,
Once you've experienced it.
You want to sing, it's fresh like spring, 
You want to pass it on."

So whether it's your love, your time, or a gift, it is important to pass it on, because it has to move to multiply. And boy will it multiply, just like bread and fishies! But you have to push the first dominio to see the rest move, and I guarantee that what you get back will be ten times what you gave. 

This week I was reminded that not only is it alright to pass...it is important to pass! 
That is a bit of why I even bother to write, to pass on what I learn.
Just passing on what I learned this week. 

What in your life will you pass this week?


  1. Annie, I'm really glad you gave me that mug. It wasn't just a rough week, it was a rough semester. No matter how small that gesture may have seemed to you, to me it was huge.

    Receiving that mug from you was a highlight of a week that had been just a bit worse than a lot of other terrible weeks.

    On an emotional level, what I heard when you gave it to me:
    -I know you exist.
    -I care enough to want to see you smile.
    -I want to spend time with you (it was either that week or the week after that you invited me to hang out with you and Emerald before we all peaced out. I get back to Fredericton May 24 and then leave for camp again on the 26. If you're able to be in town on the 25th, we should have that hangout day!)
    -I've paid enough attention to know that tea is something that always makes you feel better and less stressed about the world.
    -Even though I don't know the details of everything going on, I know you need the reminder printed on the mug.
    -I care.

    I've drank more than a few calming cups of tea in it since you gave it to me. It's become my go-to mug because it holds just a little less than my "Hakuna Matata* *no worries" mug so I can drink all of the tea before it starts getting cold. It also matches another mug my friend Adam gave me for Christmas during my second year, "Keep calm and brew up".

    Thank you Annie.

  2. I am smiling ear to ear right now.