April 22, 2012

No Rain on my Parade!

These past few days were supposed to be the worst of the semester
                                                                         ...but I had bight and sunshiny days!

Final Papers were not only a breeze,
but they were ENJOYABLE.

Final Projects and Presentations
were created in less than 12 hours,
but were fabulous.

To the right is my final project for American Literature.

My one exam was FUN to write.

Saying goodbyes to Professors was easy,
because I'll have classes with all of my
favourite ones next year.

Leaving my apartment was fine.

Saying "see you soon" to friends was enjoyable:
-I had a wonderful time downtown with Amanda,
-Dan came the night before, and the morning I left.
-Roommate and I had many hugs.

And packing was done in a few hours,
and EVERYTHING fit in the car!

Friday and Saturday's weather forecast was FILLED with rain
                                                                                ...but I didn't feel a drop.

Here are a few photos from my journey. 
The car really was PACKED!
My keyboard is in the green case, and the guitar is under it.
 It truly was a beautiful day, even though I anticipated showers, sadness, and silence.
 I thought that maybe the rain would come once I was home...
 but it was one piece of good news after the next.
This picture is my favourite, it reminds me of Isaiah 40:31,
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 
they will run and not grow weary, 
they will walk and not be faint."

The bird in the picture is me.
I flew from sunny sky, into sunny sky, all because of hope. 
It was wonderful to be reunited with my family, church family and my community.

Tomorrow will be even better,
because even if it rains, 
there will always be sunny skies to fly into.


  1. Hope. Always hope.

    The project looks fantastic, Annie! Does he have it? Or do you? I would love to play it sometime!

  2. He has it, but I'll probably be able to get it back :) I would love to play "A CLUE into Hemingway's Life" with you! It is "A Moveable Feast" of fun! ;) Thank you for encouraging me to do a creative project!