December 11, 2012

Wont Remembrall

As the final fall semester of my undergrad degree comes to a close, I can't help but tug on memories. They (whoever they are) say that you only remember 10% of what you are taught in university. I think I'll have to agree, though I'd like to add that perhaps we remember 100% of what we learn.

I think there's something else that I'll remember more. I'll remember the relationships. I'll remember the cafeteria worker who would save ice cream for me on Sundae Sundays when my choir practice would run late and the ice cream would be gone. 

I'll remember Jeremy and Robin, two Tim Hortons workers who always go the extra mile for students. Whether helping them out with a penny or two, or drawing smilie faces on the lids when I had a bad day.

I'll remember the professor that gave me an extension on a project the one time I ever asked for one in university. I asked for three days and she gave me a week.

I'll remember the German baker at the market whose face would always light up when he saw me, and who would give me free rolls. 

I'll remember older Australian man that would roll his eyes and wink at me in Death and Dying class when a particularly  obnoxious engaged student would speak out several times per class.

I'll remember the prof I had in second year who asked me every following spring semester if I was graduating that year. This year I'll be able to say yes :)

I'll remember the nice second year boy that would smile at me in my math class in fourth year, and who wished me good luck right before the exam. 

I'll remember the greeter at my church, and how she made a point to hug me every single time I walked through the door. 

It is often said, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." I think this is very true. The relationships that I've mentioned above all occurred while I was busy writing essays, running to class, dashing into church, taking notes in class, and being herded through the Farmer's Market. This is one more reminder in my life that if I want to enjoy life to its full I think I have to slow down, even if it's just a little bit. 
Jeremy put a smile both on my drink and my face :)


  1. sweet, there are so many more nice people they rock!

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  3. I remember the Australian guy! And the "engaged" student haha. Loved this post, Annie! It made me smile! (And miss STU.)