June 19, 2012

High-low there!

This weekend was a weekend of highs, and l..even more highs!

I watched a helicopter fly and land at the local hospital;
I saw 5 people parasailing with colourful sails;
I took some time to enjoy the beautiful sky, and seagulls!

It was also a weekend of high excitement!

I drove by an inn called the DragonFly Inn, just like in Gilmore Girls;
A nice family adopted my hamster, and all of his belongings;
Adrenaline was pumping as I watched the speedometer hit 140*.

Both the literal highs, and the highs of excitement have me VERY exited for Vacation Bible School this year. As my church prepares to run "Sky" Day camp, I keep thinking of activities, games, and snacks that have to do with balloons, planes, clouds, etc. I can't help but keep my eyes on the sky, and my head in the clouds with excitement. 

*To be clear, I wasn't actually driving 140, I watched a broken speedometer jump from 90 to 140, and took a picture.


  1. Huge grin about the DragonFly Inn! So cool!

  2. I enjoy reading anything you write Annie, you open up my eyes!