May 7, 2012

A Vision Unclouded


Recently I witnessed a wonderful graduation and after it was all over, I realized that graduations are  clouds with silver linings. Though not even my graduation, it has been a very sad week. The more friends of mine that go through this ritual, the more I think about how my time is coming soon. I'm sad that my time is coming to a close, but I am confident in saying that I have made the most of each day, established wonderful relationships, and tried my best to be a shining light in every aspect of my life.

After sharing a "Congratulations" with a 2012 grad, 
I asked her how she felt. 
She did her best to express to me
that she was both happy and sad, 
because it's all over. 
To which I replied, "
or just beginning".

The whole way home it rained and cleared and rained and cleared, and I couldn't help thinking, "this is life". Sometimes the roads we choose take us under rain clouds, and sometimes we drive under sunny skies, but as long as we are driving, it doesn't matter. We know the sun is still shining even if we can't see it, we know from experience that the rain never lasts as long as we think it will. Rain is good. Rain refreshes us, it helps us turn to the sun, and rain reminds us of just how great the sunny skies really are.

May we be thankful for the rain clouds in our life, and may we keep on driving towards sunny skies, no matter where they take us. 

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