May 27, 2012

Passionate Prayer

This has been proven to me SO much in the past few weeks. 

~I've been praying really hard for a friend of mine to have a fellow Christian to help her witness at the restaurant she works at. It is a really negative environment and she is having a hard time being a shining light.

~I've been praying for a male friend of mine to get the job he applied for.

After a lot of passionate prayer I found out that:
1. he got the job and
2. the job he applied for was for a position at the same restaurant my other friend works at.

2 Birds. 1 Stone Prayer

Little did I know that my two prayers were really one! And it sure did get answered!
That's just ONE example of how my tiny prayer is changing the world, through others and through me. Nothing is ever to small to be prayed over/for/about. Prayer is just one way we can change the world.

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