August 15, 2012

"You Should Have Known"

"These are things that you should have known"

It's not that I didn't know them, I simply just forgot.

I stare at my sneakers, and think.

Perhaps I'll remember next time.

I'll make a note.

So that I don't forget the things I should know.

To error is human.

and human am I.

Somehow I made it to my second year of university without knowing how to properly use a semi colon. Somehow I made it to my third year of university without ever being taught how to use a comma. Who is to blame? My teachers for assuming I knew how to use them?  My mother for not making sure I knew how to use them? Myself for not realizing they are important and teaching myself? These are things that I simply did not know, and to be honest, I don't think anyone is to blame. I think it was just an oversight by myself and those around me. Yes, I probably should have known how to use them, but the truth is that I didn't and there is no use of lecturing me, on my lack of knowledge. Instead, why don't you sit with me and teach me what you think "I should have known". Being frustrated with me, embarrassing me, and hurting my feelings doesn't help me, or the situation. 

A couple days ago I learned to thank people for their generosity when it comes to constructive criticism. I learned that when I give criticism, to make it in the form of a gentle reminder, because sometimes people really just forget things, and reminders are more well received. I learned to have a plan E, because sometimes people will be unhappy with plans A-D. I learned to smile, and smile lots, especially when you've been reminded of your mistakes. I learned that when someone tries to extinguish your joy, sometimes that abundance of hot air that they give to you can be used to feed the flame. My joy is an unquenchable fire deep within my soul. 

A couple days ago I learned an important lesson for when I am a teacher. I will always celebrate when students learn, and I will never lecture them for not knowing something, because either they forgot, or they have never been taught in a way that is receptive to them learning, neither of which is their fault. It will be a teaching opportunity! How exciting is that?!?

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