May 1, 2012

May Day! May Day!

May is my favourite month!*

May means Mother's Day (I LOVE my Mom)
May means graduations
May means my grandmother's birthday
May means Spring
May means a month of no employment
May means a month of visiting
May means a month of crafting
May means barbecuing  ----->
May means setting up my room for Summer
May means wearing hoodies and jeans
May means wearing summer dresses + flats
May means praying for Spring Forth
May means planting seeds
May means final meetings
May means more time at home

May you enjoy everyday of May!

*I have 12 favourite months and 4 favourite seasons, and 7 favourite days. My favourite of each depends upon which one I'm in. Today is May, today is Spring, and today is Tuesday, so today my favourites are Tuesday, May, and Spring!

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